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Albuquerque Plumbing Services is the solution. We provide plumbing services from our experts, specifically for residents and businesses in Albuquerque, CA.


Albuquerque Plumbing has the modern equipment for your plumbing needs. Our customer service representatives support all of our trained mobile plumbing technicians. Our radio dispatched trucks are filled with a wide range of repair items, tools and emergency equipment. This allows our technicians to respond quickly to emergency calls in order to solve most problems in one visit.

Albuquerque Plumbing Services offers excellent warranties on all plumbing jobs.

Existing for over 18 years now and complying to all Albuquerque Plumbing Services standards. Albuquerque Plumbing Services assures you plumbing services of the highest quality, first class technology and quality workmanship. Only here at Albuquerque Plumbing Services, you will find the true meaning of honest, dedicated and excellent plumbing work.


We take great pride in the way we work.


1208 San Pedro Drive Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 792-6196
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